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Extra lives MOD APK v1.150.64 (Unlocked/Unlimited Money)

Extra Lives
App Name Extra Lives
Latest Version v.1.150.64
Last Updated
Publisher MDickie
Category Adventure Adventure
Size 51 MB
Mods Unlocked/Unlimited Money
Google Playstore

4.4 Rating (851) Votes

4.4 Rating (851 Votes )
Price: $ 0
See how long you can survive in a world full of the brainless and the heartless!

The world is often plagued by various dangers, and in many movies, we witness extraordinary individuals stepping up to save humanity. We have always been captivated by this idea and wished that we could become the hero who saves the world. Thanks to technology and the integration of the web, this dream can now be realized in a simulated world of stunning graphics. Extra Lives MOD APK is a gaming phenomenon that allows you to become the hero of the world by protecting it from a deadly virus that has turned everyone into zombies.

The Fight for Survival

In Extra Lives MOD APK, you have the opportunity to don a superhero suit and stand on the battleground with courage. As the world collapses under the weight of the infected virus, your mission is to fend off the zombies and protect humanity. Choose from a variety of character options and design the ultimate hero capable of facing this apocalyptic situation.

Extra Lives Game

A World of Adventure

Extra Lives MOD APK offers a multitude of locations to explore and a wide range of tools and weapons to eliminate the zombies. Engage in different game modes such as survival or deathmatch, and join one of the eight warring factions. Once you have successfully defeated the zombies, prepare to battle against other clans and establish your rule. The game’s classic graphics provide an immersive experience with astounding visual effects.

Enhanced Gameplay with Extra Lives MOD APK

Extra Lives MOD APK is an alternate and modified version of the original gameplay, offering enhanced features and elements that can be downloaded from our website. This mod variant provides numerous benefits, including unlimited money and rewards points that can be used to unlock characters and locations. You can design your characters with unlocked accessories, upgrade your weapons and tools, and enjoy free shopping in the in-game store for high-level gameplay needs. The best part is that this version does not require rooting and ensures a safe and secure gaming experience with its anti-ban and antivirus properties. Say goodbye to ads as they are completely blocked and removed from the game, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay.

Discover the Astonishing Features

Extra Lives MOD APK offers a range of features and functions to enhance your gaming experience. Here are some notable highlights:

Save the World from the Virus

Take charge of saving humanity from a deadly virus that has turned people into zombies. Armed with the necessary tools and equipment, eliminate the zombies strategically, making every bullet count. Interact with other survivors in the game and join forces to eradicate the threat.

Zombies Attack

Choose from 200+ Characters

With over 200 characters to choose from, each possessing unique skills and talents, you can create a formidable team to combat the zombies. Earn rewards points as the game progresses to unlock high-potential characters, enhancing your gaming experience.

Join the Warring Factions

Align yourself with one of the eight warring factions who are banding together to fight the zombies. Work collaboratively to eliminate the common enemy. However, once the zombies are defeated, prepare for faction battles to establish your community’s dominance.

Explore 50+ Unique Locations

Immerse yourself in the game with access to over 50 different locations. Each location offers a fresh outlook and unique elements, allowing you to interact with allies, plan strategies, and engage in thrilling battles.

Diverse Game Modes

Extra Lives MOD APK offers a variety of gaming modes within the infected virus storyline. Survival mode, where your primary focus is on ensuring your own survival, is particularly popular. Fight against zombies and rival clans to secure your place at the top. Deathmatch mode allows you to form alliances and engage in epic battles, while the editor mode grants you the freedom to customize and make changes as desired.

Character Customization

Design Your Character and Equip a Huge Arsenal

Unleash your creativity and design your character’s appearance with a wide range of outfits, colors, and hairstyles. Equip yourself with a variety of tools and weapons to eliminate zombies and ensure your survival.

Become the Hero with Extra Lives MOD APK

Download Extra Lives MOD APK and embark on a thrilling adventure where you become the hero tasked with defeating zombies, establishing dominance among warring factions, and ensuring humanity’s survival. This modded version offers unlimited money and points to upgrade your tools, skills, and characters. Unlock premium features, levels, and enjoy free shopping without any pesky ads. Experience a seamless gaming experience without the need for rooting. Visit LavMod and join the ranks of heroes today.

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