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Pokémon Masters EX MOD APK v2.40.1 (Unlimited Money/Gems)

Pokémon Masters EX
App Name Pokémon Masters EX
Latest Version v.2.40.1
Last Updated
Publisher DeNA Co Ltd
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Role Playing Role Playing
Size 87 MB
Mods Unlimited Money/Gems
Google Playstore

4.0 Rating (656) Votes

4.0 Rating (656 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Pokémon Masters EX All-Star Battles With Trainers & Pokémon!

The Pokémon journey has expanded immensely, introducing new elements and exciting features that take the Pokémon experience to new heights. Pokémon Masters EX Mod APK offers a unique adventure where you embark on a classical fantasy journey like no other. You’ll follow the iconic characters and delve into a massive gameplay experience with them.

In this modified version of the game, you will engage in 3-on-3 tournaments and matches, similar to the gameplay of other Pokémon games. As you progress, you’ll unlock the strongest creatures and characters, along with their coaches, leading you to championship glory. With over 65 different characters to choose from, you’ll need to strategically plan your battles and utilize in-game currency to unlock the most notable Pokémon.

The game introduces the latest Champion Stadium, Battle of Elite 4, and Divisional Champions, where you’ll face formidable opponents. Strengthen your characters and continuously upgrade them to emerge victorious. Similar to other Pokémon games, you’ll have the opportunity to catch new Pokémon to counter your enemies. Each Pokémon you acquire offers unique abilities and elements that will assist you in overcoming your opponents. Engage in thrilling three-on-three battles with your team to secure victory.

The traditional coaches from the Pokémon games will train you to befriend these incredible creatures and embark on uplifting adventures in one of the most popular and powerful gameplay experiences.

Pokémon Masters EX Mod APK: Unleashing the Ultimate Pokémon Adventure

Pokémon Masters EX Mod APK is the ultimate modified version of the original gameplay, designed to provide players with advanced features and functions. This version offers unlimited money, coins, and gems, allowing you to unlock all the advanced features and maximize the potential of your gameplay. You can also upgrade your characters’ skills for improved performance. Additionally, free shopping is enabled, allowing you to purchase equipment from the in-game store for character upgrades.

We have unlocked all the premium features and made the gameplay user-friendly. This modified version also includes an AD blocking policy, ensuring a seamless gaming experience without any interruptions from advertisements. It doesn’t require users to install it from other sources, as it comes with built-in anti-ban and antivirus properties, making it safe and secure to play. Say goodbye to lagging and bugs with this enhanced version.

Astonishing Features of Pokémon Masters EX Mod APK

Pokémon Masters EX Mod APK offers a host of exciting features and functions to enhance your gameplay experience. Let’s explore some of the essential elements:

Traditional Pokémon Masters Experience

Experience the thrill of three-on-three battles in Pokémon Masters EX Mod APK. This update introduces a new kind of gameplay, where you can engage in traditional battles while being accompanied by top Pokémon coaches. Rise to your highest potential, battle fiercely, and defeat opponents to establish yourself as a formidable Pokémon Master.

Formidable Opponents

In Pokémon Masters EX Mod APK, you’ll encounter mighty opponents who possess unique powers. Just like in previous Pokémon games, these opponents are challenging and require strategic planning to overcome. Prepare yourself to face opponents with upgraded potential, including those found in the new Champion Stadium. Strategize your moves and outwit your opponents to emerge victorious.

Hatch Unlimited Eggs

As with all Pokémon games, Pokémon Masters EX Mod APK includes the process of hatching eggs to unlock powerful Pokémon. Hatch eggs in the gameplay to discover new Pokémon and add them to your team. With your team’s combined strength, you’ll be able to defeat even the most powerful enemies.

Access Deadly Matches

Challenge yourself in deadly three-on-three matches in Pokémon Masters EX Mod APK. Build the best team possible and upgrade your Pokémon to their maximum potential, enabling you to conquer your opponents in thrilling battles.

Battle in the New Stadium

Experience the excitement of the new Champion Stadium in Pokémon Masters EX Mod APK. Engage in battles against formidable opponents and face off against the elite Four Champions. Prove your worth and establish your place at the top of the leaderboard.

Be a Team Leader with Premium Benefits

Unlock a plethora of Pokémon characters from the traditional Pokémon games in Pokémon Masters EX Mod APK. Assemble your dream team and unleash your strategic genius as you lead your team to victory.


Download Pokémon Masters EX Mod APK and dive into a world of Pokémon where you’ll encounter traditional coaches, engage in intense three-on-three battles, and unlock over 65 characters. This modified version provides unlimited money, coins, and gems, allowing you to enhance every aspect of your gameplay. With no ads, routing, or team limitations, this version offers an even more enjoyable Pokémon experience. Embark on a thrilling adventure filled with action, egg hatching, and more. With Pokémon Masters EX Mod APK, the ultimate Pokémon journey awaits.

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