SimulationZero City: Bunker & apocalypse

Zero City MOD APK v1.47.2 (Unlimited Money/High Damage)

Zero City: Bunker & apocalypse
App Name Zero City: Bunker & apocalypse
Latest Version v.1.47.2
Last Updated
Publisher MY GAMES B V
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 104 MB
Mods Unlimited Money/High Damage
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4.2 Rating (979) Votes

4.2 Rating (979 Votes )
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Multiplayer survival games & Idle RPG. Apocalypse: bunker war & shelter survival

After being exposed to countless movies and web series based on the Zombie and Fiction genre, our perception of these undead creatures has become eerily realistic. It seems almost impossible to find someone who hasn’t at least watched a single film about Zombies, well, except for that 1% of the global population that has somehow managed to stay oblivious to the Zombie phenomenon. The concept of Zombies, their lifestyle, and everything associated with them has become ingrained in our collective consciousness. Zombies are the result of a mutant virus that turns people into brainless, flesh-eating creatures that roam the streets. The idea of such a mutant virus is both intriguing and terrifying. If you find yourself feeling fascinated and fearful after hearing about it, we have an incredible Android game just for you: Zero City Zombie Games. It is one of the top-ranked Android games centered around Zombies, where you can gain essential knowledge about Zombies, their viruses, and learn how to survive in the midst of an apocalypse. And that’s not all; you also get access to a wide range of professional weaponry to fight off the hordes of Zombies. Let Zero City Zombie Games fill your free time with excitement and unique opportunities for entertainment. And if that’s not enough to convince you, we have something even more impressive – Zero City Zombie Games MOD APK. This is the modified version of the game that offers unlimited money and additional MOD scripts to enhance your survival experience. Check it out below!

Zero City Zombie Games

Customize your Bunker and survive the Zombie onslaught in the city

Imagine being trapped in an apocalypse that is far more severe than the Coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 is just a virus that affects a small percentage of people and can be mitigated through vaccinations. Now, picture a scenario where braindead individuals or virus-infected people are relentlessly pursuing you, with the intent to devour you! It’s a horrifying thought, isn’t it? In such a scenario, survival becomes of utmost importance, and reuniting with your friends to find essential supplies becomes a priority. That’s where Zero City Zombie Game comes in. It offers you the opportunity to experience a Zombie Apocalypse virtually, allowing you to fulfill your dreams and aspirations. So, if you’ve always wanted to witness an apocalypse firsthand, download Zero City Zombie Games MOD APK as soon as possible!

Manage your shelter and provide survival resources to civilians in your Bunker

In the face of a pandemic, one of the first things you need to do is secure a shelter. You could survive in a single house for a lifetime if it has all the necessary resources, especially food. In Zero City Zombie Games, you’ll find yourself inside a bunker where you can help numerous individuals survive the apocalypse. Your bunker will serve as a refuge, and you must ensure that everyone inside is taken care of. Think of yourself as the CEO of a company, assigning specific tasks to people based on their capabilities. For example, assign the task of monitoring electricity and generators to professionals or individuals with high endurance. Similarly, entrust the food preparation to those who excel in cooking. Effective delegation and adherence to rules are crucial for survival in an apocalypse.

Create powerful weapons to effectively combat the Zombies

Once you have secured shelter, water, electricity, and food, the next essential requirement in an apocalypse-ridden city is weapons. No one can survive without weapons in the midst of such chaos. Zombies can attack your bunker at any moment, and it becomes your responsibility to protect your fellow survivors. In Zero City Zombie Games, you’ll come across different rooms dedicated to various aspects of survival, such as the kitchen, generator room, water turbine room, and control room. In addition to these rooms, you’ll also find a weapon room. To defend yourself and your allies, you must scavenge the city for the necessary materials to create weapons. Alternatively, you can use the in-game currency, such as coins and diamonds, to purchase the required items. Choose the most effective strategy to survive!

Enjoy the Story-based Campaign and engage in Multiplayer PVP battles

Everything described above pertains to the story mode of Zero City Zombie Games. However, if you want to enhance your gaming experience, the game also offers a multiplayer mode where you can join online gamers and engage in PVP battles. The outcome of these battles is determined by the number of points you accumulate by killing Zombies. So, if you’re tired of playing the same old shooting and puzzle games like PUBG Mobile and Candy Crush, it’s time to switch to Zero City Zombie Games. Additionally, you can also try out the modified version of Zero City Zombie Games, which includes premium features. It will make your gaming experience even more convenient. Don’t waste any more time; give it a go!

Multiplayer PVP

Download the modified version and unlock your full potential

Playing a Zombie survival game is both enjoyable and challenging. As you progress to higher levels, the game becomes increasingly difficult. Even professional gamers find themselves stuck on the most challenging levels of the Campaign mode. If you’re one of these gamers, we have a surprise for you – Zero City Zombie Games MOD APK. It is a modified version of the official Zero City Zombie Games that offers fantastic premium features such as infinite coins, diamonds, and an ad-free gaming interface. With these features at your disposal, you can easily conquer all the challenging levels in the game. So, why waste time with the official version when you can switch to the modified version today?

Make unlimited purchases with infinite Crypto Coins

Just like UC and gold coins in PUBG Mobile, Crypto Coins are the in-game currency in Zero City Zombie Games. These virtual coins play a crucial role as most items in the game need to be purchased. We all understand the importance of in-game currency, especially when it comes to Android games. To make your in-game purchases more convenient, we are offering you infinite Crypto Coins in Zero City Zombie Games MOD APK. Yes, you read that right! Now you can make unlimited in-app purchases without spending a single cent. Simply download Zero City Zombie Games MOD APK and enjoy accessing all the professional weapons required to eliminate Zombies with ease. It’s time to dominate the game!

One Hit MOD for those challenging gaming levels

You may be wondering what else you could possibly need after already having infinite coins in Zero City Zombie Games MOD APK. Well, imagine playing a game where you can kill a Zombie with a single shot, without even aiming for a headshot. Sounds cool, right? This magical feature is precisely what we offer in the Zero City Zombie Games MOD APK – the One Hit MOD. You don’t need to enable this feature manually; simply download and install Zero City Zombie Games MOD APK on your smartphone, and you’ll be able to annihilate Zombies with a single shot, regardless of where you hit them. Say goodbye to aiming for headshots!

Bid farewell to interrupting ads in this online Android game

Have you ever been annoyed by incessant advertisements that interrupt your online gaming experience? We understand how frustrating it can be. That’s why we have made sure that the Zero City Zombie Games MOD APK is an ad-free Android game. We’ve integrated a free ad-blocker script into the game, so you won’t have to pay anyone or download any third-party apps to block those annoying ads. Simply download Zero City Zombie Games MOD APK and prepare to be amazed!

No Ads


Can you believe that an Android Zombie game could offer such an extensive range of features? Probably not! But with Zero City Zombie Games MOD APK, you have access to all these amazing privileges without spending a dime. We don’t ask for in-app purchases or charge you for an ad-blocker. All you need to do is click the green download button below, and you can enjoy free gaming with multiple premium privileges. Get ready for an unparalleled Zombie survival experience! Enjoy it to the fullest!

To download Zero City Zombie Games MOD APK, click here.

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